Wednesday, August 31, 2011


...My Lucky day....

"There is always something unexpected happening in our life,
Which will bring out your truly Happiness or Sadness.."

This day,
something unexpected to me had happen,
which I'll be calling it as a Lucky day..
(From my sis view,
Why am I always having this kind of Lucky day?)

Due to Jusco had just reopen, there is a lot of people coming to had a visit + shopping. Tuesday, I had went there once. Unfortunately, I am not that lucky as within 15 mins I still can't find a parking place. So, Thursday, I went there again. This time much more earlier than that day, 11:15am. 

Before having my Shopping Time, I first have my brunch. Actually I'm thinking of having brunch at Zenmai Pasta. But when I passing by Papa Rich, I went to had a look on the menu, see whether is there anything will let me had the interest to eat it. When I'm watching the menu second time,  I heard someone called me. 

A aunt that I had not seen for long time. She invited me in to had lunch with them. So.... Due to I do not know how to reject, I accept the invite. And so, I had save money for my lunch. (Hmm.. This is a good thing... But... I really do not know what to eat at that time... XP)

The lunch had used up about 1 hour time which is unexpected for me as 1pm I'll be rushing to my work place. So, I re-manage my time. 

First, I bought myself a Zenmai Mocha Ice cream. Suddenly, I saw the Panda Cookies is so CHEAP for the 10 pack in a box. Originally is RM15.90, and now is RM12.90. (If 1 pack is around RM2.50 +-) So, I bought 1 box back again. XP

Second, I pass by Momoe. Thinking of whether there will be a suitable belt for me. But, it end up I bought a black shocking + a handphone accessory. (But is spoil when I played with them in the park.. Not the same day..) 

Third, I when to Jusco to buy some Girl's things. Normal price is 3 pieces RM10. So, I took 6 pieces. When I took out RM20, I found out one of the three pieces is only RM8.90. I quickly ran back the place and find whether got any same price tag on it. But.. That is the only one. So when I'm going to pay it, I put the RM8.90 on the top as I want the Cashier to take notice on that. 

But, My lucky day happen. WHY??? The Cashier just take the RM8.90 price tag once, and unrealise I'm buying 6 pieces. She directly put all 6 pieces into plastic bag, and still not realise it. So.... 6 pieces of that, I just pay for RM8.90 instead of RM18.90. 

Am I LUCKY???  And this is not the first time. (Not at the same place..)

By the way.. This day can say is my lucky day, It also can say is my Bad day. 

One of my student had ruin my favourate blouse with red water color. = = And my mom had put it in the chlorine for almost 1 week, the color still remain on it. Is there anyone had any advise????  

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