Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's Go GaGa Travel Fiesta Day 3 -- SICK!!!

Sick for few days,
Finally had the strength to write my blog for day 3...

I know it is a bit too long ago thing,
To make it to be perfect,
I still feel like updating the Sunday Blog,
Which is my last day working with Reliance....

Hi, Everyone...
This is the first day I'm sick...
My face is red...
And I'm feeling tired due to the sickness,
My face look a bit pale....

Oooppss~~~~ Driving alone today... WHY??? Dad is going to graveyard for visiting my grandma and grandpa... =) So, went out at around 7:45am... About 15 mins later, I arrive to my destination.. Today is my earliest arrival for these 3 days.. Before going to McD to had my breakfast, I had took some of the interior design of Reliance in the Sri Pacific Ballroom.. 

This is how it look:

American -- South West

American -- Disneyland

American -- New york

I like those cute little "people" beside the scenery view of the country...
It make me feel like laughing out loud,
Cause it is sooo Freak Out,
Full of the country feel...

Japan Booth

China Booth

Taiwan Booth

@ Taiwan booth their table are full of Taiwan's local Delicacies..
Which remind me of Smelly Taufu,
My fav food...

This is the place where all of us do the Henna...

After all of this, I went to have my lonely breakfast.. As I can't find my friend, Ah Belle.. 

My Breakfast, A full set of Pancake include a boh tea and a Hash brown.. After eating it, I still feel like order another porridge.. Not because I'm not full, it is because I wanna eat it.. So I bought myself a big bowl, and eat for few spoon and take away back.. It is still early, so I slowly prepared the stuff for work.. 

Suddenly, I feel cold, which that place supposedly to be very hot and stuffy.. I know is not right, as early in the morning I already feel my throat a little pain.. But after my boh tea, I think it get worst.. But, I just think of drink more water will do.. So, the whole day until 8:30pm, I keep drinking water.. 

Actually, my colleague got tell me that my face is very red and keep asking me whether I'm OK.. I did told my dad that I'm feeling not well when he arrive. But after he check my temperature, he say I have no fever.. So, I try my best to keep myself warm and drink more water.. (BTW, there is something happen when my dad arrive.. The ballroom was BLACK OUT in a sudden.. Everyone was SHOCK.. And a lot of customer went out at that time.. About 2 mins, the light only turn back..)

Due I'm not feeling well, I didn't take much photo for the day.. Lets had a look what had I taken...

When I was bored,
I took a photo of my Henna..
(Had a guess,
This is my both hand or one hand???
Is a reflection of the mirror or both hand?? )

A very cute camel from Egypt..
Which I really wish I can take one of it home...
They say NO... 

(Actually from this photo,
You can see how red is my face....)

Group photo for the cosplayer...
Today got 3 Naruto character,
1 隐之王 and Bleach character,
2 Vocaloid charater,
Harry Potter and etc..

Just caught a love on my shirt..
I have no idea what stain it is..
And when I had done it..

When the cosplayer and our 2 cute koala and kangaroo is taking photo...

Due I have no time..
Just a SIMPLE Close up + group..

A friend's leg..
Doing henna..

At night, they will be having a celebration.. So, we need to clear out our space for the celebration preparation purpose at 7pm.. At that time, I think I'm feeling worst.. Luckily, the top management say start the party at 8pm.. That time I really wanna went off.. I told my dad that I'm really feeling not well and wish to leave early.. So, before the speech start, my dad and me went off from the venue..

We arrive home at 8:45pm.. The earliest time which I had never ever can be arrive home for those days.. So I had 2 panadol and sleep at 9pm.. At this moment I still do not know I am having a high fever until 38.3 degree until the second day, I went to the clinic for further inspection.. 

DAD!! You see, I had such a high fever and you keep ignoring my sickness for the whole day, which I had ask you to help me buy some medicine for my throat and ask you to check my temperature.. = = If not, I'll not fever for 3 days.. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.. Haiz... 

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