Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 girls HUNTING for CLOTHES...

What does girls do???
And which guys dislike it the most...


Due to my sis had promise me to buy clothes for my b'day present...
(I know it had been gone for 3 months..)
We finally made a day for hunting my clothes...

Clothes hunting day had been done for 2 continuous days. And actually it is very tiring as we are not shop at the shopping mall, and need to climb the stairs up and down for few stores. (It is a very good exercise though) 


I finally decide to head to my sis place, Puchong, to had a store shopping, as she say this month is her birthday month, there will be more discount on it. So, I finally take the trouble of taking 30 to 40 mins driving and endure the bad driving habit of Puchong people which I really get fed up sometimes. (Not saying my driving habit is good but at least I gave way to those give signal + wanna change lane people.)

Before heading to my sis condo, I do some grocery shopping for my sis as she will be making lunch for me to eat at Puteri Mart. At there, I really wanna thank a uncle which lead me to the pork section with his very good explanation which I will never had it at any place before. 

After having lunch, is almost 2pm. We quickly drive to the boutique street to had our "Shopping". (Actually Puchong and Kota D'sara, Kota D'sara is more like a boutique street to me as Puchong only had few stores on the street and it is not very centralize.)

Here is the clothes which I had tried on that day:

My favourate Dress for the day...
But the price is really "NICE"..
= =

My favourate blouse for the day..
Whereas the price is better,
But still it is about RM89..
If not wrong there is 10% on it...

This top actually kinda see through...
Saw what I mean???

After this store, there aren't any clothes/top/blouse/dresses which let me had the interest to wear it and snap a photo on it. Because I'm searching clothes/dresses which is made of 雪纺. So.. This is all the clothes I had tried. And luckily we went off fast, as the rain had came so sudden.  

After fetching my sis back to her condo, I went to Kota D'sara to buy 2 piece of cakes from Hokaido and finally had the chance to buy Snowflakes for my "Teacher" to taste it. (I wonder, the Snowflakes at Kota D'sara open on evening only??? Because I went there few time on afternoon and it didn't open.) 

Proceed to my centre, as there is a UPSR camp, and I need to went back to teach them about the technique how to answer Science in the Section B.

So, this is my day.. 


Now is her turn to come here and meet me and proceed to Kota D'sara's Boutique street. Due to she didn't tell me what time she will be arriving and had waited her from 12pm to 2pm, I decide to have a nap. And my nap is 2 hours. So when I wake up is about 4:30pm. She had arrive. So, after the preparation, we drive there. (That is about 5:15pm when we arrive.)

Due to the limit of time, we didn't really went in all the stores on that street. (My second sis will be coming for dinner at 7:30pm.) But the stores there really had a "good" price on their clothes. 

Here is some of the clothes I tried for the day:

Actually I kinda like this clothes,
but the size really not really suit me...
I need to wear it in other way..
As there is no price tag on it,
I have no idea how much does it cost...

This dress is lace..
How does it look on me???

I kinda like this dress..
But the price really shock me off..
= =

This dress I tried on it because of the end of the dress...
I like how the way it look...
But it kinda troublesome of wearing it..
The price is quite ok to me...
As it is a dinner dress/ formal dress..

Compare this to that the other same pattern dress,
I like that better...
This is too plane for me.. =)
And the price really shock us off.. = =

(I wonder why the store price will so much big different compare to those on the net???)

Okay... This is how the 2 girls having 2 continuous days shopping... Actually is really kinda a good exercise for the 2nd day, going up and down the stairs. Beside that, I actually saw some high heels which I really wanted to buy it. But I think I'll be going back there for my high heels on the year end. XP Waiting for my current high heel to be spoiled, as it is going to be. =P


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