Sunday, August 7, 2011

KC open day + Hokaido Ichiba

Sorry for not updating these days.. As.. There really aren't any special for me to write.. But.. There is something happen today..

Location: My Secondary School -- Kuen Cheng (KC)
Event: Open day
Time: 8am to 4pm
Venue: Whole place of the school area

Due to lack of parking place in KC, I had "tumbang" my dad's car to school. Before heading to it, I had my breakfast with my dad in TTDI restaurant. (Before coming out from house, my dad had keep calling me to work faster on my make up thingy as it is going to 10am which I'm suppose to be arriving there by that time to meet up someone. But due to she had pull of the aeroplane in the last minute, so I didn't inform my dad that I'm not in such a hurry anymore.)

When I arrive there, I didn't saw people mountain people sea. Quite curious with this sight as every year's there is a lot of people came for the open day. Anyway, I bought RM20 for the coupon just in case I need it. Walk around the school area. From the small hall to the big air-con hall. Since the big hall is having a music concert, so I went back to the classroom building. And walk from the lower floor to the sixth floor. 

I had played some experiment from the Biology lab. One of it is blood type experiment. When my school days, I always left out walking to the Biology lab and didn't have the chance to play with some of the experiment. So this time, I wonder how this thing work. 

"We need to poke your finger as to take few drops of bloods," The student said.
My heart beating again. I really scared of needle poke into my flesh as that is pain. Beside that, I yesterday just done that and it is really pain. 
"Don't worry. It won't be very pain. It is just a very little needle."

This time, not the same hand but same finger. 1 second. POKE. DONE. 

What should I say??? It really not that painful as compare to yesterday's. I think is because of the needle they used. But before doing this experiment, I had told them my blood type. They almost can't done that experiment as they can't recognise the B type blood in me. However, they put more drops of chemical which help to recognise the B type blood. They finally got the result.

Next stop I went is a table with a big big pail. Actually  I really do not know what is that until now. But is something like mud. When u press it, it feel like a solid. But when u press harder, Your finger will sink into it. It let me feel like I'm at the swamp. 

After passing by Biology lab, I went to other classroom which is having exhibition. (Actually most of it is exhibition. As this is a open day for parents to bring their children and visit the school area.) There are some of the exhibition presentation really impress me.

This are all student's works from different society: 

These 3 are from the GEOGRAPHY society

This 3 is from the Art and Craft society

I have no idea which society is this...
But I take this photo is due to the thing which he is playing..
I remember my "Bro" told me that,
古琴 had 7 string only..
This is the different between 古筝 and 古琴..

This year's open day really nothing much for me to see. And nothing for me to eat. As the things that I wanted to eat, had sold out. So, I went to teacher's office and find some teacher for gathering. The first I found is my Maths teacher. We had talk about a lot of things. Next is my Chemistry teacher, BM teacher, PE teacher, Chinese teacher, Geography teacher and etc. 

When I almost wanna leave, my friend finally arrive. So we decided to go to Garden to have lunch. Hokaido Ichiba here I come again.

Now I know that lunch is so cheap. YOU WANNA KNOW WHY??? Because the GREEN TEA is refillable + is FREE. So you just need to pay for your lunch set or any main course.

My Lunch set
This cost RM28.
But it is really a big size of it.
I can't finish it.

This is my friend's set
Is a rice + udon set..
RM28 too..

Actually we can finish it if i didn't order the salad for the Appetizer. But the salad is really nice. I like it so much. So... XD

I went back from Garden around 5pm. My dad fetch my at K avenue. XP

Before I Post up my blog, I really wanna thx to my friend which bring me around from KC to Garden then from Garden to KL sentral. Arigato gozaimasu. MEOW~~~ 

Ok.. I'm darker again...
And ignore the hair...
I didn't comb + style it from the beginning... = =

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