Sunday, September 11, 2011

3 Days Raya HOLIDAY.. FREE from bunch of MONSTER..

3 days Hari Raya's public holiday...
I finally can get rid my bunch of monsters...

What had happen on those 3 days...


Early in the morning, Wake up and started to wait for my sis arrival... Due to she is coming over to had lunch, so I estimated her arrive here about about 12pm.. Unfortunately, she arrive about almost 1pm.. Luckily this time I didn't go take nap.. As we are going to 1U together with my parents.. 

This time.. I'll finally got the chance to get my present.. [I know it is 3 months ago.. But, I haven't got my present from her... hmmm....] Beside that, there is some clothes that I like and the price is still reasonable, so, I had ask her to come to have a look on it.. So, This day is the chance to have a look on it and buy it..

So.. Everyone will be wondering what kind of clothes do I like:

This is a clothes..
Which I think the price is still reasonable.. 

A lovely dress..
Which I do not had any clothes with this kind of style...

Actually I really like this dress a not..
But my sis say,
Due to I had already got something similar,
she is not going to buy something same for me...

These clothes is about the range of RM68 ++ or --...

But, in the end, something happen until I can't had the cute dress that I wanted.. 

The reason:
  1. They do not had a new piece for it..
  2. There is the some part are ruin for those dress which is being displayed.. [the string and the upper part is done by cross stitch.. So is kinda fragile..]
However, I still got my present on that day.. But just changed.. And is still what I wanted for so long.. As I'm thinking of changing my purse for so long.. And can't find any which suit my condition.. I got a lot of member cards, so I need a more card holders purse.. And I finally found 1 in the Lovely Lace shop..

This is the purse that I got from Lovely Lace..
Are they Lovely???
[I know they are really cute.. XP]
But the White 1 really got a lot of card holders...
Is about 12 if not wrong about it..
And is not expensive..
About RM30 (there is a discount on it..)

Beside of buying my present, I also need a new sport shoes.. As my Nike had spoil.. I really intend to buy another Nike to replace it.. Unfortunately, the price really is higher than my mom expectation and no discount in 1U stores.. But I still got the color and style that I wanted from the sport wear stores.. Reebok, here I came again...

Is it striking???
My dad says,
Nowadays, Your (ME)  shoes' style are very funky,
and you really like those funky things...

This is the first day of the holiday.. Which make me my holiday to be a tiring holiday.. As that day we shop from 1pm to 8pm... Non-stop walking...

Besides of shopping, I had done some house work such as whipping the dust off from the gates.. And cleared a lot of bee hive.. And I suddenly found out that my bike had a big hive on it.. Which really scared me off.. 

Due to I do not know whether the big bee is it when away, I had spray some pesticide on it.. And ask my mom for help on it.. My mom later tell me, there is baby bee in it.. (What??!! The bee lay egg on my bike???!!!) Few minutes later, the mama bee came back.. Unfortunately, she is being hunted by my mom.. The whole family dead... = = RIP for the bee family..

On the afternoon, after my lunch, I went out for a "Small" Photoshooting for and from myself with a TRIPOD.. As my sis is going to take back her DSLR.. T_T 

Here is one of the photos:

If you had interest to look more of it,
Pls click the link below:

This series of photo really let me wanted to melt of the photoshooting.. That day the sun is so big.. And, Me 1 person is being used as 2 people: Model and Photographer... But luckily, the photo appear beautifully..=) 

Okay.. Suddenly found out there is some memory lackage on the 2nd day.. As I had forget what had happen next after the photoshooting.. I remember I had gone to 1U.. But, for what purpose I had forget.. Hmm.... So.. Just Let it be... XP

Okay... Last day of the holiday..

Went to The Curve.. WHY??? My mom suddenly say wanna buy a track mile for the new house.. And there is a promotion..

So, the timing is just so nice.. 

We really bought 1.. [Actually now is already in my house.. Just I didn't take a photo of it.. XP] We had our lunch at Papa Rich.. And go for a short shopping at there.. Due is not a weekend, where aren't any market on the walk street.. 

Besides that, my mom say we will be having another pair of shoes for the indoor.. As to use it for the track mile.. This time.. I got my NIKE!!! Huray.... But it is more expensive than the REEBOK... But the style and color is almost same.. XP 

So.. This is my HOLIDAY.. Keep shopping and shopping and shopping...

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