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Betong, Thailand 3D2N trips

Malaysia Day.. 16th of Sept.. New holiday which been created by our current Prime Minister -- Najib.. Hmm... 1 month ago, my mom had help us to book a trip to Thailand.. (Actually my father and me had no interest in it due to is the organizer is Malaysian's women society and few of  the Taiwanese association is going.. All women... This is the reason..)

Before going to Thailand, my centre there had a celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival... I know it is a bit too late, but the kids still having a lot of fun... Actually I had decided not to go as I haven't pack my things.. Unfortunately, my boss don't allow.. So.. I still have to appear.. About 6pm, I rush back home to pack up my things (Due to I didn't have a look of the itinerary, so had pack few clothes which is not ideal for that trip..) and 7pm rush back there.. Around 8pm, I came back.. So.. Actually I didn't help much.. Got a little of 骗吃骗喝…… XP

So.. Lets have see where had I been and what had I done in Thailand...

Early in the morning, my brother-in-law came and fetch us to MPPJ (Nearby there...) as to meet the group.. Our bus arrive at 7:30am.. But we depart at about 8am.. So, from this point I start to write about my journey..

This is really a long way to Thailand.. About 7 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur to Betong, Thailand.. (Include 2 stops in the R&R and a lunch stop)

This is our stop for lunch..
It located in a small village of Gerik...
 Kampung Baru Sauk.. 
The dishes is delicious..
The special dish is the vege..
As you can't get it outside..

The destination away from Gerik is about 2 hours.. So.. About 3:30pm we arrive at Malaysia's custom.. And few meters away, there is Thailand custom.. 

@ the custom there is a sign which tell their visitors that they had arrive to their destination...

Thailand Custom.. =)

Before leaving the custom,
the whole team having a group photo as for commemoration purpose..

7km from the custom to our first stop -- temple of the Buddhist Father.. (Do not know what is his name in english..) 

The side view of the temple...
(Does it look like a castle more than a temple to you??? XP)

The view from the top of temple to bottom...
(From now on, I really like to see things from higher place.. =) )

Someone is being a stalker...
Actually my father saw the soldiers are in training,
and ask me to take a photo of it.. XP

Being a Stalker..
I wonder..
What are they doing???

Continue to stalk them...
This I know!!
They are assembling...

Stop Stalking around..
Let have a look of the Buddha..

I really had no idea what is this 2 Buddha name...
Please forgive my innocent..
As I didn't really do much research on this..

Who  knows please come and inform me..

Here comes our story of Buddhism..
For more photo,
Please click the link below:

After finish visiting this temple, we went to another temple.. (Thailand is a Buddhism country.. So they really got a lot of temple.. =) ) 

The front of the temple..

Here is some of the photo about how they celebrate the festival...
More photo:

Here are the interior of the temple..
I kinda like the doors..
Is like the Chinese's style... =)

Very fast.. The time had arrived 5pm.. They send us back to our hotel, and let us have an hour rest due to the tiredness of seating for 7 hours ride.. (Actually, I wanna say a thing.. Thailand had their dinner and lunch at a very early time.. Dinner about 5:30pm their time.. Our time is an hour faster than Thailand...)

The dishes in Thailand is very alike Malaysia's.. It is very nice and delicious.. Every meal we will had 6 vege (Includes: Pork, Chicken, Veges, Fish) + 1 Soup.. Their Tomyam soup is nice too... (Luckily we didn't had what my mom had told me.. She said her Phuket Trip had Tomyam soup for every meal.. But we had that soup on our first meal only.. XP )

After dinner, we planned to walk around the hotel.. And took some photo's too.. XP

The only round-a-bout in Betong..
The signature Tower...

The post tank of Betong..
Is so huge..
(There is a ratio of a human size and the post tank...)

A very special night view..
There is a lot of sparrow standing on the electric pole..
And this had been a "MUST" scenery for the visitors..

When we are walking back to our hotel..
Something had attracted us..
There is an elephant walking on the streets..

Too bad..
I just got his back view... 

Next time I'll try a better snap on it.. XP

This is our hotel..
4 star hotel...

The Next day.... 

Due to the breakfast is not include, our guide had to lead the way to nearby restaurant or hawker stall.. Their things is mostly tasteless (Due to I'm eating Chee Cheong Fun) or salty and sweet.. I'm talking about the breakfast..

About 9am, we proceed to our main scenery which is the Komunis secret hiding place during the 1940's until recently.. Due to the road at there is very sloppy and dangerous, we need to change our transportation.. 

This is our trunk to the Komunis secret hiding place.. 

This is where the komunis secret hiding place call..
You Yi Cun Dao Di...

This is the way to the hole...

Okay.. Let had some knowledge about where am I going...

(I had forget about the year.. SO.. Ignore that part..)

During the 1940's, the leader of the Komunis and Tunku Abdul Rahman had a negotiating on something.. Due to the agreement there is something not satisfied by the Komunis, everything had starts.. The Komunis ran into the forest as to escape from being caught back and go in to jail.. And this is how this HOLE appeared.. 

When walking by the stairs..
A big trunk and block the road..
(I wonder, 
Is it being chopped??
Being chopped by the thunder??)

This is how the HOLE look like...

This HOLE is called... 

This is the place where they cooked..
As they are hiding + escaping,
cooking will lead to smoke,
So they need to think of a way of avoiding it..
And here is the place they cook...

How they cook??!!
Don't ask me..
As my guide didn't tell us about the story.. 
= =

This is the map of where the HOLE is leading and the length of it...

This is about the technique of cooking to avoid being notice...

The smoke of cooking in the end will came out like the mist...

Don't ask me..
As the guide didn't say much about it..


This a~~
Don't ask me what is this too...
He didn't even mention about this...

 After a short telling about how they keep themselves quietly in the forest, we went in the HOLE.. As is very dark in the HOLE, I can't really capture anything.. BTW.. You will only saw some very mean surrounding in it.. And then you can imagine how is the situation at that time...

The HOLE is being dig under the ground.. So.. The surrounding actually is all MUD...

This is the NEW BED for the new people..

During that time,
They may married with a woman..
But when they had a baby..
The baby will be given to the villagers which stay out of the forest..
As they had no time and afford to take care of the child..

A status that u will saw outside the small museum of it..

After this, we proceed to another Village.. (Still sitting that trunk) This place is very special.. Is full of flower.. BUT... If you climb the HILL, you will be having fun.. AS you will have the chance of standing at the boundary of Thailand and Malaysia.. Right hand side is Malaysia, and Left hand side is Thailand.. XP

BTW.. I got the chance of holding the GUN.. FUN~~ And we meet a Malaysian's Tentera on that hill... COOL??? XP

Group photo at the garden.. 

They had a nice Scenery too... 

This is my FIRST time trip to Thailand.. There is some good and bad impression for me..

Good impression is:
You no need to afraid of the language problem.. They mostly can speak Cantonese, Hokien or Chinese.. So is very convenient with that.. (But I'm not sure about is it all Thailand like this or just Betong...)

Bad Impression:
Our guide is not good.. He doesn't talk much about the scenery but he talk much on the buying things stuff.. = = Which I'm the person of like to hear about 5Ws and 1H on the historical place.. = = And I still prefer the guide in China which I had met because at least I know the 5Ws and 1H about that particular historical place whereas some of it I know.. (This being said by my dad as those guides which had lead us for those trips are the BEST among others..) 

This is the trip to Thailand.. I kinda hope of going Phuket as I like beaches.. XP

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