Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last but not LEAST for year 2011

Wau.. Suddenly realized that, I had forgotten my blog since last year December... I knew that December is my most busy month.. And now.. Let me just told everyone WHAT HAD I UP TO... XP


December (Last month of 2011.. Beside that, it is my relief month...)

WHY do I expressed it as a relief month to me??  

i) Release from Accounting and Finance
ii) It is the time to follow my dream
iii) There are a lot of things waiting me to actualize it

This month, I'm having my last examination.. And I pray hard to it.. There is 1 week I'm studying from morning to night.. Just to aim for pass.. And I really hope that come true.. (It will come TRUE!!!)

Beside of having exam.. I had a surprise.. This surprise really CHEER me up... But another hand, It boom me down too... 


The appearance of this surprise is due to last month (November) I had a run at Desa Park City for 10km.. If wanna talk about my time for 10km in this race, it is really embarrassing... As the time is really very bad.. 1 hours and 6 minutes... (Something like that... ) With this kind of bad timing, I could still get 2nd place.. So.. I really can say it is a surprise for me... (Mostly for guys it can finish within 30 minutes and below.. For ladies.. it can finish by 30 minutes... And I actually could run 40 minutes during my best stamina days...) 

This is what I got.. I thought I'll be getting money.. In the end, it is a hamper.. And there is nothing really interest me.. (And this is the reason which boom me down.. T_T Why are they giving me such cheap things???? All is from Jusco... = =)

Lastly.. After my exam.. (Or actually I should say, my family and I had been working out this for few months ago???) I help my sis to paint her house... While helping her to paint her house... We also having entertainment.. 

Why do I say this??? Let see the photo below....

See, What do we had here... Laptop, Chinese tea, Broadband...

This means.. While we painting, there is internet access.. hahhaha.... XP

Okay.. Now.. This is our working in Progress...

Before Painting.. There is a process of mixing up the painting with water as to dilute it...

After doing so... We need to take the tape from the 伤痕累累的 stairs and stick it to the wall where need to avoid it from painting it and dripping on it... [After painting.. We need to take off the tape and put it back to the stairs... Poor stairs... XP]

This is how we PAINT~~~ Cautiously, Patiently, and paint it detailly.. XP Can't leave any unpainted spot on it.. XP

Okay.. If really wanna say.. I'm not helping them.. I'm a sprite.. Keep making them do double job.. Lalallala.... XP


Above is about my family.. And now is about my work~~~

Before my study week.. I need to work for my centre's 2 days 1 night camp.. This really stress me out... As almost everything I need to handle it properly... Luckily, there is a student's sister and brother willing to help me to prepare all those props before the camp... If not.. I really can die as busy doing those props.. 

I really hope those kids is having fun during the camp... (Okay.. I'm having difficulty on speaking my speech.. So.. If I had said something hurt, please don't put it in your heart.. But if you really mind it, Please think it twice, as it may help you in your future...) 

Beside tha camp.. Those kids had a field trip to Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam... Went in to the 4 season house where is having winter with a temp of -2 to -7 (This really freeze me out... As I just brought my Jacket in... = =) 

Beside that, we went to sky trek... This is my second attempt for the big trill... But this is my first time to play alone.. Is so scary... (But those girls before me is really slow.. When climbing up the stairs.. I really wanna shout out:" Can you all faster???? We are waiting for about 30 mins just for you guys... = =")

Okay.. My climbing once again shock some people off... As they had shouted out:" Wau.. This girl is fast in climbing... "

So.. This is how I celebrate my New Year Eve.. XP


This is my December, a month which full of happiness, excitement, and tireness... =)

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