Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Macaroon Day~~~

This month is really a busy month...
A month which is full of assignment..
Almost every week is an assignment submission..

Now only get the chance to update my blog...
Hope my friends which reading it won't scold me about not updating it...

On my management accounting submission day (8/11),
I went to a baking class @ 19 Culinary..

What am I baking???

Don't shout when you saw the photo of it... XP

This is what you saw...

Okay.. Actually this baking class I attend it accidentally... WHY???? Because I bought a voucher which cost RM 80 from groupon.. But.. there is some of the terms and conditions I didn't read properly.. In the end.. I feel like being TIPU.. But.. Can't blame any one... As is my FAULT which didn't read it properly in the first place... So, I need to pay for another RM60 for the class... T_T

Before the class start.. Here is our class photo with our tutor...

The tutor is on the left (black shirt with specs)

So lets start from our ingredient... The ingredient for Macaroons is very simple.. Almond powder, Icing sugar, egg white and sugar..

Before the students do by themselves.. Let the tutor had a demo and student had some experience on the most technique part.. Here is one of the photo when we are searching some of the technique for the biscuit for macaroons...

After searching on the technique, we had our own group doing different flavor of macaroons.. There is 3 flavors which is coffee, strawberry and lemon... Our group is doing the lemon flavor...

This is our group... But.. After this group photo.. The aunty went to the coffee group and left 3 of us only.. 

So.. Now we begin our work...

Mix the Almond powder and Icing sugar together..
Due to the Almond powder is not fine enough,
we need to blend it..

After the blending,
We pour out to a sieve and eliminate those which is too big.. 

Egg white and Sugar is being beat with a beater...

When there is a foam,
but in the sugar..
Beat until the cream can make a peak up...

After that, 
mix the powder and the cream together..

Due to this is macaroon,
some of the technique it will be different from cakes..

So when mixing it, 
need to press hard as to let the air to go out...
Besides that,
if wanna add in coloring,
don't add in after everything is mix properly...
And the coloring is advise to use gel type...

After everything is mix..
Here come to the fun part and is also the technique part..

Press the cream out..

And leave it in the air-con room until a skin texture came out...

After bake..
Here is the look..

The crack is due to the heat of the over is too hot..
Who had do this at home..
Now you know the reason why..

After it is cold,
only put the cream between to of them..

This is the procedure of the macaroon..

This is also my day for the MA assignment submission... XP Having fun... 


  1. Wow~ Looks like fun! And the macarons look really nice too~ ^^

  2. yup.. the taste is nice.. with the texture... u should try to do it.. XP