Sunday, July 22, 2012

A day with basketball

Is really a long time since the last post~~~ 

First thing I need to say to my blog is...
Sorry for neglected you for so long...
I'm being so busy these days...
Moving house,
Adapting new working environment,
Cleaning house,
And etc....

Dear blog,
Hope u really understand my busyness....

And now~~
I'll won't neglect my dearest blog anymore...


Gosh~~~ So long didn't write blog, almost forget how to start... Hmm... Where should I start my story?


Saturday, I heard that there will be a in-house competition at Stadium Melawati with ex-NBA player and our basketball team (Red Dragon)...  I was sooooo EXCITED and asked my friend whether she had 2 more tickets... (Actually they said they asked about it before... But that time I was not interested... [really????!!! Okay.. I had a memory lost... XP] Anyway... I continue my story...)

Luckily, SHE DOES~~!! (HURAY~~~)

So... My dad and me had make up a time as to meet at home... Unfortunately, that afternoon had a heavy rain.. I was so worried that KL will had huge traffic jam... (As usual~~) 

Luckily, my dad was in time... (Whereas is quite late... XP) After 30 to 45 mins drive to the stadium (the road condition was quite smooth until the stadium... we were stuck for parking...),  I contact my friend to gave me the tickets... It was really quite hard to get thru them... My dad and I had tried a lot of time, I wonder is it too noisy or the signal was down as too many people...

When we enter the stadium... It had started... 

People are protecting the ball from being snatch and people are chasing the ball.... And the score is so fast too~~ Just in a sudden, there is a ball in by Red Dragon...

There is a few video clip on the competition.... But I only take the first 20 mins... XP Later, I had become lazy~~~ So.... To those who didn't went...There are some videos for u to had a look at~~ XP (Oooopppsss....blogger had something wrong on uploading video~~~ sorry guys~~~~ I'll keep trying... )

Anyway... Overall of the competition, I was kinda disappointed.. (Not just me... My dad and my friends said that too..) As the ex-NBA player had been too mercy to our basketball team and is very obvious... Beside that, our team was really damn bad as every 5 mins they will change another group to play with those NBA player while the NBA player change after 10 or 20 mins play.. (There is 2 group of people for Red Dragon team...)

I wonder.. During the basketball competition, does it really had a short break at almost every 2 to 5 mins play???? (Because I just remember there is a lot of stop in the  middle of 10 mins play...) And during the break, they will be a "pom pom" girl dance.. (Not really nice and attractive and energetic anyway....)

As to make the audience high.. During the last 20 sec they had a kinda long break... This time they had a singer came in and sing song... Me and my dad really hope that this 20 sec really had something good to watch.. In the end.. NBA players just let our team went in a ball... (Can i say it without any defends????)

But I really like the NBA team's no. 55 player.. He is really cute and good in controlling the ball.. My dad like him as well.. XP haha....

Here is a photo when i was bored during the game.. My troll face and my dad.... XP (I really know that I need at least a foundation for my face to look better... T_T )

There is a trophy giving ceremony after the 20 mins of the play.. But I really had no idea what trophy are they giving out.. XP And they are facing back to us.. So.. Didn't take any photo on this ceremony... T^T

Okay.. This is a day of basketball with my dad... Hmm.. Hope the next basketball day will be much more attractive than this.. (I just know there will be another competition with these guys again... And will be nicer... I really do hope that.. =) )

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