Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Survive and Victory
Sunday morning

During the evening

The DAY finally had arrive. 11k Marathon Orange Run, organised by BhP. Long time didn't had such a long run since I had graduate from my high school. I really feel nervous for it. The other reason of nervous is my leg. I had this pain since last week. BUT, I can't find the reason of pain. (I think it is cause of the twist from my boots and didn't take care properly.) 

Ok, put that aside first. 

6am, wake up. But need to wait for my turn to use the bathroom (my sis and her husband came to stay one night for the run). Actually this is my first time wake up so "LATE". Last time I always wake up 5:30am and done all the preparation by 6am and depart from home by 6:20am. This time, due to the location of the run is just 5 mins away from my house, we decide to depart by 6:40am. 

So, me and my sis almost late for our session. The ladies and women start their run at 7am. We didn't really do any warm up, put we put some muscle medicine, and ran off like this. PHEW.. Luckily all the way I didn't CHICKEN OUT. If not, I don't know what my father react to this action. WAKAKKA....

As the guys starts 10 mins later, we take our own sweet time. Me and my sis had lost each other since the race begin. (She really run that slow, but she is FASTER than me during her high school days in 3000m race.)   As I'm relaxing on my race, SUDDENLY 5 Kenya guys pass by me. I was SHOCK. They are FAST. The 10 mins gap doesn't make them pull any distance from us, YET, it pull the distance away from me to them. 

As I'm familiar to the road, I know where is the up and down hill, how long is remain. So, I slow down (actually I totally stop down and WALK!!) when there is a up hill, and ran when there is a down hill and straight road. (This is why I used up almost 1 hr 10 mins) 

Somehow, there is something that I really wish the organizer should improve -- the WATER STATION. The first water station is too far. It locate at the roadside which is about half of the marathon (about 5km). This is too far. As I almost going to be dehydrated when I had run until the SHELL station. Beside that, the 2nd station is so near to the ending point. (I think is about 2km to the ending.) 

The organizer should locate the water station in every 3km or 4km. This will be more acceptable. (Most marathon which had 7k, there will be a water station locate at about 3.5k away from the starting point.)

Unfortunately, something that I pray for it really happen to my. My leg pain when I just wanted use up to whole energy to finish the race. (WHAT THE...) There is about 1k more. But in the end, I ran slow (foot step smaller but run fast) to let my leg muscle to relax. When there is about 400m more, my leg is ok. That time, I RUN with my FULL SPEED. 

But, at the finishing line, there is something that I really wanna say to the people who separate us into GUYS and GIRLS line. WHY?? Because it does matter at all as there is no one giving us the medal nor helping us to record our time. The MOST important thing is there isn't any MARCHER waiting for us. 

By the way, I think there should be a person standing there telling us we should pick up our goodies bag and our breakfast. Because after I stop, I totally do not know what is the line for, and should I or shouldn't I queue for it. (That is why I cut the queue. ="=)

This is my number for the day.
The LUCKY DRAW didn't really gave me luck for the day...
I miss out my SUMSUNG GALAXY TAB!!!!!

Victory after the race...
I really need to give myself an applause...
After 4 years,
I still can run for 11k....

Before leaving the topic, there is something I wanted to say. Me and my friend had just pass through each other like 2 parallel lines. WHY??? We both are in the same categories, BUT, I didn't had a chance to meet her during the race and the queue for the breakfast (As the queue is just in front of me) nor at the goodies redeem counter. AND, the place we are seating is really 1 at the east (The GARDENS) and 1 at the west (Laundry). This is what we always called "there is no faith between us"??? T_T

After the whole event, we went back home and clean up ourselves and had a good rest. Due to my sis haven't gave me my 21st birthday present (I know it already pass by so long ago @_@), I ask my sis wanna go shopping in the evening. (Actually I wanted to go to the HCG event in e@curve, but due to my friend say there is nothing to see, so I change plan.)

After having about 2 to 3 hours nap (this is normal for me after I had a marathon in the morning), the whole family went to 1 Utama for shopping. Me and my sis walk in to the boutique shop. The first stop is Yishion. But none of the clothes had interest me. (I do not really like the KOREAN style of clothing, so....) 2nd stop, VIOR. But still, none had interest me. SO, last stop, Kitchen. WHOA~~~ 1,2,3,4 and 5 clothes waiting for me to wear it. 

Here come the photo which had been taken in the fitting room with my sis...

A formal dress wear..
Suit me,
Not really my type of wear...

A formal wear again...
It look like I'm a OL...
(WHOA~~ "S" shape body line!!!)

Casual wear...
Same cloth,
but different style...


Last piece for me,
and my sis wear my piece...
(So who wear nicer for that formal dress???)

This too... XP

This is my "LOVELY" Sunday... Hope You all like WHAT I had WRITTEN... =)

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