Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bon Odori + disappointment

Is a disappointment and full of laughter day for me...

Due to I had miss out Taiwan's Annual Education Fair in M'sia once again.

Full of laughter:
Due to having fun in Bon Odori.

Early in the morning, I had dated my dad out for a jog at TTDI park. (Whereas there is a little piggy still wanna lay on her bed for more sleep time but yet she still manage to wake up as her dad call her up.) After all the sweat, we had our breakfast nearby. (I miss my SS2/TTDI Mou Tak Deng's Pan Mee.) 

Arrive home is almost 9am. Take a bath to get rid the sweat and be a lovely piggy again. About 11am, wake up to get myself prepared and start to pack up stuff which need to bring to my sis home. (Cosmetic, which is the most important thing!! Can't forget it!!) I drove myself to Kelana Jaya as to take the public transport to KL. (Weekend, KL traffic is bad... No intend to drive there to stuck in the jam for wasting time...

This is how i look for attending the Fair.
But, M'sia's public transport is a "WONDER". Especially the monorail. Expensive just for a short distance ride (RM1.20 for a distance which just 5 mins walk), limited standing and sitting space and need to wait for 10 to 15 mins for a monorail to arrive. (Sometimes it will be more which can be up to 30 mins....) There is 1 time, the monorail was spoil, the counter keep selling ticket without telling customer about it. LRT+Monorail ride to Istana Hotel, it took me an hour to arrive. (It will be alright to a person who is not in rush.) 

OK, here came to a FUN part which let us know how "GOOD" is Malay's ENGLISH!!!

I arrive Istana hotel and wanted to confirm is there a Fair in their ballroom, I approach to the Check-in counter and ask the counter staff.(As I didn't saw any school bus and Taiwanese people walking around.) Here came the dialogue.

"Excuse me. May I know is there a Taiwan Education Fair is hod at here?"
"Yes. 2 Floor below. You may take the escalator there." (Ok, act there is a lift which will not waste my strength on walking. But due to he say so, and i do so.)

2 Floor Below. Searching here and there as didn't not any Taiwan Fair is holding. Saw the (male) manager and approach again.

"Excuse me. May I know where is the Taiwan Education Fair?"
"Oh. Is in that BALLROOM."

Walk walk walk. Open the ballroom door. Stunned. Inside is full of chairs and table which is a sign of DINNER more than a FAIR. Few mins later, the (male) manager saw me like "LOST" and came to approach me.

"Miss, I seems you are lost. Are you lost?"
"Yes, I am. I'm searching for the TAIWAN EDUCATION FAIR."
"Er... I have no idea about that. But due to the schedule I have, there is a TAIWAN DINNER will be held here."
(Okay, this manager is the one which I approach to when I reach down. What had he to me just now??? Inside that ballroom. And NOW, WHAT did he saying to me?? There is a dinner will be held. Fine!)

So, I went back up to the lobby. This time not the escalator which is spoil and need to walk, I took the lift. This time a on-duty lady manager(??) came to approach me.

"Excuse me. May i help you??"
"Yes. May i know is there a Taiwan Education Fair is holding here??"
"Let me check and see." 

She took out a paper which full of today's schedule, and let me have a look too. And I see no sign of it. But this is not the matter. Here came out a matter that I really wanna to ask for a long time. 
  1. Isn't the COUNTER SERVICE people need to be very sure about what will be happening in the ballroom for the whole day???
  2. Won't it be weird if a person keep asking about DINNER is such an "EARLY" time?? (It was about 12:40pm when i arrive and the dinner is starts at 7pm.)
  3. Excuse me COUNTER SERVICE and the (male) MANAGER which had been approached by me, do you know what am i asking you??? Or my ENGLISH is that bad until you all just heard the TAIWAN word???
So, due to the wasting time at the HOTEL and can't contact the Taiwan Association, I decided to go and have a late lunch at Sungai Wang. Had a Taiwanese lunch at 鲜定味. 

Lonely me. Had lunch lonely. I wish there is a person can accompany me. I really hate to having lunch alone, no feel and feel odd as feeling like every table is either a bunch of friends or couple. 

Here came my Lonely drink, Sour Plum. (Due to the News about 塑化剂, I didn't take my favorite drink.) My favorite dish, Beef noodle. (I didn't took a photo of it as the presentation is not good.) But the taste is not good at all, and the price doesn't worth for it. I miss my mom's beef noodle when i eating it. So, I wasted my food. (I'm a naughty kid.) 

This is how the presentation of the dish: 
When the dish came, I saw 4 pieces of tomatoes and a small brunch of vegetable (which only had 2 leaves on it), the rest is under the blacky soy soup. I didn't saw any beef on it. When I mixing up those ingredient and pull my noodle out, I only get to saw my few tiny and slimy slices of beef and some Mui Choi. 

When i paying the bill, they gave me a feed back form. Service, I gave a quite good rate; Price and Food Presentation, I gave them a quite low rate on it. And I feel regret after eating it. I should really choose Crepe as my lunch which will be much more cheaper than those. But, what to do?? Already eaten, i can't vomit it out and reload my stomach space. 

So, I continue my journey. Public transport back to Kelana Jaya and proceed to my sis house.

I had forecast-ed my arrival time so precisely. 3:15pm sharp arrive at the parking lot. But my sis and her husband seems not at home. 3:20pm, her husband arrive the parking lot too. I finally can go in to their house and have a short nap. 

4:30pm, make up make up. Prepare going to Bon odori. Then 5pm go to sis's facial shop to pick her up. And that time she is thinking of whether wanna continue it or not. So, the departure time from Puchong is actually about 6pm as I keep rushing my sis. But, here got another fun part of dialogue between M'sian again. (Okay, I'm M'sian but half blood of Taiwanese. But at least I won't be doing such thing.)

"Oh.. Are you all preparing to go out?"
"Where are you all going??"
"Bon odori"
"Bon odori a?? Where is it??"
"Shah Alam Stadium."
"A?? Stadium?? Bon Odori is not a restaurant a??"
"Er.. Nope.. It is an event.."
"Event?? For??"
"Celebrating Japanese Ghost day.."
"Er... Didn't hear before.. (calling another person) Hey, do you heard before of Bon Odori??"
"No wor.. Why??" (That person answering)
"No lah.. They are going there... So, just asking whether you know this event a not..."

Okay. I totally stunned at there as I'm thinking, if you do not know what is the event about, you also no need to call someone just for asking her know it a not, you may ask after we went out or check it out on net. = =

When we arrive there, I was shock with the crowd. Because as compare to last year, at those time (6:30pm), my car already need to park at the highway, but this year, I park quite near the stadium by the roadside. 

Went in the stadium, I tell my sis to buy food to eat first as I'm starving. 

First stop. Eating Sushi king. Standing style. First time had this experience. (Pls Ignore my expression. I know it is ugly.) So, before leaving, took a photo with it. (The sushi I'm holding can't be eaten as it had drop to the table. ="=) After sushi, we decide to had other things such as rice. We queue up for unagi rice and some sushi again. 

After buying those stuff, we find some place to sit. Meanwhile, I saw a "lost" Bryan. Shouted him. (He get shock due to my loud voice. SORRY YA, BRYAN.) He help me took some photo. (Actually just 2)

Weird Expression again...
Which being say look like cheeky expression...

I like this so much..
Thx Bryan..
(But I wonder, Where is that photo we took together???)

Wonder why am I wearing my sunglasses??? Let see how sharp is the sunlight...

This is why... XP

Below are some photo taken by my sis with my friends and unknown people:

Take photo with these 2 gals is just for the gal with ribbon hair... 

My Sebastian-chan in Yukata... =)

My Ototochan in tradisional japanese male yukata

My cute Katsuki san... =)

Sis, Thx for taking this photo for me...
Is so lovely... =)

Me and my sis self portrait..
Okay, both of us look like ... (Do not know how to say... X_X)

Taking photo with a lovely and cute little japanese girl...
Her mother is very pretty...
Didn't get a photo with her... =(

This is my Saturday..... Full of LAUGHTER and a little disappointment... 

P/s: My mom know where is the Fair holding, Menara MCA. ="= 1 is at the east and 1 is at the west.

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