Thursday, February 11, 2016

Scadi White (B&Soap) Review

It's really been a long time that I didn't update any blog post. Never mind, I'll be starting to write my blog post with lots of fun, including beauty, cooking experience posts. Hope you all will like it. :)

Okay, Lets go into the topic that I had prepared from last week. Actually wanted to make a video post. However, I had accidentally deleted it from my camera memory card today. T^T

But, this doesn't pull me back from writing a review for a Korean brand mask as I really had a lot of fun with this product.

My first sight on this product is at A website that purposely deliver the product form Korea to world wide with a very low price as compare with other website.

When I first saw Scadi White, the fluffiness of the product had attracted me. It had leaded me to purchase it just to had fun. However, due to I'm sensitive skin, I had to read thru it's ingredient.

Since it written that it is suitable for tired, dehydrate and irritation skin as it will help to reduce the irritation and moisturize with natural ingredient and plant extract, I had decide to give it a try.

When I got my product, a bit disappointed as it doesn't show like the picture illustrated in the website. (This is impossible to had the same as the picture illustrated in the website as how will it close in the bottle? =.=) Just ignore my statement for my disappointment as it is not reasonable. XP

When you first open, you might thought that it is a clay mask. As this is my first thought. Besides that, I also think that will it really does what it had mentioned in the website, as lots of clay mask will always feel very dry after applying it. 

However, I still give it a try since I had already bought the product. 

This product came with a spatula which help you to scoop up the mask. You may also use the spatula to spread it on your face. After spreading it evenly on the face, just leave it 10 mins.

Okay, here is something that let me to impress and started to change my impression on this product. (Sorry that I do not had any photo to see the real result of before and after, as I just done the mask this morning.)

While leaving it on my face for 10 mins, this mask won't dry up and harden. However, it giving me a oily feel with a very sweet pleasant smell. I think this is due to 2 ingredient which is Jojoba Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Acid that help to balance up the oil in the skin and keep them moisture.

I suggest to used a sponge to wash it away. As you will really feel like you are washing away the whipping cream on your face with your bare hand, this is so hard to clean it up, it had let me to keep rinse and massage it quite a long time.

However, after washing it away, I really do feel different.

The first thing that I feel is, it does tighten up my skin which lead my skin dry up. I still feel very moisture. I do not need to apply any of my daily hydrating product immediately.

2nd thing is I do feel my skin is cleaner. I can see my blackhead in the pores (especially on my nose) had gone away and my pores had become smaller.

3rd thing is the most significant one, as I can see my face is whiter than before with immediate effect.

So, lets come down to a conclusion.

I really do like this product and will be introduce to people as it really does what it had mention which is whitening, tighten up the pores and pore cleansing without drying up your skin.

To sensitive skin (due to I'm not a sensitive skin since I'm born), you might need to look into the ingredient clearer as I know that sensitive skin people had different sensitive to the ingredient. However, I do not suffer any redness after applying it.

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