Saturday, August 23, 2014

Guys' Nightmare, Girls' Happiness

It has been a while I had not drop by here just to write post regarding my travels, beauty and others...

Today, I'm going to introduce a clay mask for refining the pores and blackheads. This is my first time to write a review of a beauty product, so please do leave a comment as I can improve.. =)

I had been using Clinique Blemish cleansing mask since 2009. But, due to the price had increasing every few months, I had started to think for an alternative product with a affordable and reasonable price. (Not sure about the price for this year, as my last stock had bought from HK last year.)


After a research on some of the product, I had decided to try Neogence's Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (around RM87). It  is a product from Taiwan. It can be purchased at Sasa.

I had a good first experience after using the mask. I really will feel my pores is very relief and release from the stress of dirtiness from the pores.

But the colour of the mask might be a nightmare for the guys... WHY??!!!


It is a black clay mask... The main ingredient of the mask is Charcoal Powder and Illite Clay. It will help to get rid of exceed oil, blackhead, pimples and shrink down the pore size. 

It really gave me the result that it had mention and something I'm expecting. It had reduce my cost of expenses, and cure my problems. 

How to use:
Used it after cleansing. It may applied on the T-zone only or whole face, depends on your own needs. When you had just apply it on the face, its colour is black. After 15 mins, It will become grey colour. (Like the photo below. ↓ ) When the whole face is in grey colour, u may rinse it.

Advise for after used care: Will feel quite dry after the used of the mask. So, U really need to have a hydrate moisturizer and lotion/toner after rinsing it away.

Advise :
1. Remember to use a dark colour towel or a hair band to secure your hair, because it will messy up the white stuff if u didn't wash properly.
2. Wash it with a sponge. This is due to if u wash it with ur free hand, the basin is black all over the place. (This is what I'm facing now... T^T) 

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