Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A day @ Cheras Mansion

This is a very rare situation which happened on my bored Saturday...

A photographer which always been busy all the while,
suddenly came up to me and date me out for a photoshooting...


I wonder...
What kind of theme had let him to be soooo interested on it,
and poke me on my FB wall...

My photographer, Bryan, had appoint to be arrive my house around 7:30am to fetch me.. (Okay.. Now, I admit something that Malaysian always had... "Please exclude me in this statement, as I'm just HALF Malaysian"... That is LATE!!!!) 30 mins later, he had arrived... ( That means 8am..) Due to he had late to came and fetch me, he is late to fetch another cute little girl and her sister... And we were late to arrive the Mansion we had booked... As we had somehow lost our way....

Let talk about this little girl.. At first, I thought he find is all photographer and is GUY.. As there is something misleading from our conversation... He didn't really told me who are they.. And when I ask about their sexuality, I remember he reply me a him... So.. On that day, I only knew that there is 2 more girls, Yukio and her sister, Amanda.. 

Yukio, a cute little girl which always let people think of wanna smile or cry.. She is a girl which you really can't estimate her age from her face.. (Okay.. Don't judge a book by its cover.. I knew that.. But.. Just ignore me of talking about it... XP) But.. Something really make me kinda hard to communicate with her.. She can't speak Chinese.. So.. When we are speaking Chinese.. She will use her limited Chinese words to ask us to talk English.. And Bryan will laugh or smile... Because her voice is so cute when speaking Chinese.. XP 


Amanda, Yukio sister.. A girl which really like SOFT bed.. And will lay down and sleep if there is a opportunity.. Okay.. She is more easier to communicate with.. As she know Chinese.. Wakakkaka.. 
(My impression to her is kinda little.. As when the photo shooting is on going, she stay at another room laying of the bed + sleeping..)

Really wondering what THEME am i having???

Let me show a photo which is taken by me with my sister's DSLR... This photo is being edited by my dearest friend.. 


YEAP~~ This is what we were particularly having for the photo shooting.. But I really hope that the photo taken by Bryan will be nicer than this... XP As the condition of me is a very big problem.. XP

Yukio is very excited when she watching me taking photo.. XP She keep excited and feeling like wanted to try.. We really having fun during the whole session of the photo shooting.. Thanks Yukio, being a kid with me and playing and hugging me.. haha.. Hope you won't think that I'm a lady which wanna to be young... XP

I really had a bad body shape.. So.. Don't expect too much on my "S" shape body..

Due that day had a cosplay event at IMU, GAMP, I didn't went back with Bryan.. As, I scared it will be too late.. As I told my mom I'll be back around 3pm.. So.. I went back with public transport...

Eating my lovely lolipop and put on my sunglasses while waiting for Starline..

My dear sunglasses.. I knew I had put you aside for a long time.. Sorry for that k?? =)

Nekomimi chan.. Thanks for the accompany.. =)

Yukio and her sister, Amanda, Nice to meet you 2.. Too bad I didn't join you all to IMU... =) If not can know you 2 more.. 

Bryan, Otsukare samadeshita.. Thanks for the day and fetching me.. XP

 This is my day of photoshooting.. 

Hope all the photo went okay.. =)